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Wildcat Mountain – The Best Place to Enjoy Winter Sports!

Winters are just around the corner, and everyone has made up his or her plans on how he or she wish to spend the next few snowy months. While some will spend time at home reading their favorite books, others love spending time with their family outdoors. Grab that boundless joy with your family. A perfect weekend is the one where you do the things you love, allow some time for the things you love then only you can have some meaning to your life. The perfect place for perfect skiing is Wildcat skiing resort.

Are your skies ready to glide on the snow? Are you planning to have some recreation then why don’t you bring out the skier in you? Yes, it is a great time for skiing, and we are here to help you find out the perfect place for skiing. Wildcat Mountain has the greatest history, is a great place for skiing. Quench up your long lasting thirst for skiing in one of these beautiful skiing resorts. Wildcat Mountain serves as a best picnic spot or weekend halt because several other attractions surround it. You will agree that this the best place for skiing after visiting it.

About the Resort!

Wildcat Mountain serves as the best place for skiing with its spectacular terrain. It is located at 542 NH-16, Jackson, NH 03846, USA. There was a belief that Wildcat Mountain was only for the professional skiers and riders, but it is great to know that they tamed the snow and widened the tracks so that everyone can ride even a tyro. It has got 49 trails for the skiers and riders. Wildcat Mountain has five summits namely A, B, C, D and E with elevations of 4,422 ft., 4,305 ft., 4,285 ft., 4,062 ft. and 4,046 ft. respectively. E peak is considered as the sub-peak of the D peak. The D peak’s highest elevation is 4,062 feet with a prominence of 287 feet and with a vertical drop of 2,112 feet. Wildcat Mountain has lifts from the base up to the D summit.

Information about Trails

Wildcat Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1950 feet

Summit Elevation: 4062 feet

Vertical Drop: 2112 feet

There are 49 trails in the Wildcat Mountain. New Hampshire’s longest ski trail, Polecat trail is also located in the Wildcat Mountain. The trails are divided into three levels like beginner, intermediate and expert levels to provide tourists a better experience and safety.

Beginner Level:

The beginners can use 20% of the trails. They can even learn how to ski from the experts at Wildcat Mountain. Trails for the beginners include Polecat Trail (Longest novice ski trail in NH 2.75-mile beginner trail from the summit). It is a place for beginners to learn and practice skiing. These trails are well tamed and made wider for the comfort and safety and novice skiers.

Intermediate Level:

47% of the trails are intermediate. People can explore their skills and can make a good use of the trainers at the Wildcat Mountain.

Expert Level:

33% of the trails are for experts. It is the trail track where you can unleash the spirit of a skier in you. Show your grace and enjoy the skiing. No limits to your joy.

Lifts and Price:

There are five different lifts in the Wildcat Mountain. They are

  • ?Wildcat Express Quad – Summit Access: It is the fastest quad chair lift with a speed of 6700 feet per 7 minutes.
  • Tomcat Triple: It can cover 4450 feet in 7 minutes.
  • Bobcat Triple: It covers 2700 feet in 7 minutes.
  • Snowcat Triple: It covers 1500 feet in 7 minutes.
  • ?Snowbelt Surface Lift

The price of the tickets varies from midweek to weekend. You can even buy the tickets online; online booking saves your money as the earlier you buy, the cheaper it is. There is no pricing for kids under and six years of age. The complete details of pricing are given below:

MIDWEEK RATES (Monday - Friday, non-Holiday)

The price of the tickets at Wildcat Mountain for an adult (18-64) for a single day is $75; it costs $135 for two days and $200 for three days. Similarly, for Youth (7-17) it costs $54 for a single day, $99 for two days and $145 for three days. For senior citizen (65+) it costs $50 per day, $90 for 2 days and $135 for 3 days.

WEEKEND & HOLIDAY RATES (Saturday - Sunday, & Holiday)

The price of the ticket at Wildcat Mountain for an adult (18-64) for a single day is $79; it costs $139 for two days and $209 for three days. Similarly, for Youth (7-17) it costs $59 for a single day, $106 for two days and $159 for three days. For senior citizen (65+) it costs $54 per day, $99 for 2 days and $145 for 3 days.

If you go with a group, then you can save money in every aspect from lift tickets to food and beverages. There are great discounts on everything if you are a group of 15 and more,

Other Events and Fun:

Wildcat Mountain conducts many events. They include Full Moon Guided Snowshoe tours, Tuesday Trekkers Snowshoe tours, Friday Gliders and Easy Sliders ski tour and Après and Winter Carnivals, etc. Some of the events are for free too. In order to get more updates about the events subscribe to the newsletter of Wildcat Mountain.

Apart from skiing, riding and quad chair elevators there is much fun in these snow mountains. You can play Ice Hockey and Ice Skating here with your friends and family. Wildcat Mountain pub always welcomes you to entertain with it’s fabulous music and spectacular dances.

Food and Beverages:

Apart from diners in the lodges the Wildcat skiing area has Wildcat Cafeteria which satisfies your hunger. This cafeteria has both ‘grab & go’ and ‘made to order food’ options.

It is a self-serving cafeteria. It provides hot and cold beverages, a variety of goodies and snacks, a deli and pizza counter and the unavoidable, classic ski area grill with French fries that are so good; they are addictive. Soups, chowders, and chili are offered daily. Apart from these, there are some specials that you might love.

If the cool weather generates an urge to you to have a hot beer, Wildcat Pub helps you to satisfy your thirst. This pub also provides you light appetizers, soups, salads, wraps, juicy burgers, sandwiches, sweet potato fries and a lot more. You can eat hear while enjoying the music and dance.


It has good lodging and dining facilities which allow you and your family to have great fun by planning your weekend or vacation at Wildcat Mountain. There are a lot of lodges near the Wildcat Mountain with all facilities. The lodges offer great comfort with their pools. They have attached diners with all varieties of food. They have indoor and outdoor hot tubs for the tourists to get relaxed from fatigue. All the shops are located nearer to these lodges.

These lodges also provide pubs to entertain their guests. It is a great rejoice to have a hot cup of coffee in the cold snow. Watching the snow from your room which is all warm and cozy, with the help of mantelpiece is a great experience. Building snowman with your family, snow fights is great fun. You can create many memories amidst of this fluffy snow. You can experience all this because these lodges are covered with snow.

Hours of Operation:

The work hours are different in Early Season and In Season. The lift operates from 9 AM to 3:30 PM in Early Season and Guest services will be available from 8:30 AM in the morning to 4 p.m.

The hours of operation during In Season is again varied from working and Non-working days. During working days the lift operates from 9 AM to 4PPM and during non-working days it is from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. Guest services will be available from prior 30 minutes of lift operation to after 30 minutes of lift timings. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this amazing place with your family and friends. Go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight for Wildcat Mountains and explore the beauty of the winters. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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