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Ski Resort Wilde Wiese:

Tourism has always contributed handsomely in the German economy and one of the best seasons to visit Germany is none other than winter. Scenic beauty with marvelous snow covered hill tops, whole of the country looks stunning when the winds of winter approach. And with snow, the most awaited moments follow. Yes, we are talking about our friends who are so enthusiastic about winters due to only one reason- Winter Sports. Now that it is time to ski and snowboard, would you like to know about a resort which is good and economical at the same time? You would love that. Let us introduce you to Ski Resort Wilde Wiese.


Location of the Resort:

Wilde Wiese Statistics

Base Elevation: 1772 ft

Summit Elevation: 2133 ft

Vertical Drop: 361 ft

Located in the rural, hilly areas of the Sauerland, Ski Resort Wilde Wiese is a place whose charm cannot be justified in words. The resort offers a well maintained slope for skiing and snowboarding. The base is situated at an elevation of 540 meters and the summit’s elevation is 645 meters. How to reach the resort? There are plenty of ways. If you prefer a journey by air, then the nearest commercial airport is Dortmund Airport. From the airport, the journey takes around one and a half hour if you take BAB 46. Talking about the regional railways, Iserohn station has a frequent train service that can lead you to the resort.

Slope Statistics and Details:

With a vertical drop of almost 105 meters, the slope you get here at Ski Resort Wilde Wiese is approximately 5 kilometers long. It can be divided in to two difficulty levels- Easy and Medium. Almost 60 percent of the slope (3 kilometers approx.) is easy-going and serves a good playing ground for the beginners. For experienced campaigners, we have the remaining 40 percent of the slope (almost 2 kilometers in length) which offers intermediately tough terrains to check out how good they are with their skiing skills. Nearly 1.5 kilometers of the slope is equipped with flood lights and it is a good news for those who seek more thrill via night skiing. People busy with their tight schedules during the day, this is the place where you should be when the sun falls.


Best Season to Visit and Timings:

The opening and closing of the resort during winter season totally depends on the condition of the snow at that point of time. Usually, Ski Resort Wilde Wiese starts the season early in the month of January and concludes the season in the mid of March. The general timings of the resort when the season is on are 9AM to 4PM, for all days of the week. Timing for night skiing is 6PM to 9:30PM every day, except for Sunday as there are no night skiing activities on Sunday.

Ski Lifts and Pass Prices:

There are 4 ski lifts in total that are going to carry you from the base to the summit of the ski resort. 3 of these 4 lifts are T-Bar/Button Lifts and each of them is competent enough of carrying 1000 passengers on an hourly basis. The 4th lift is a Beginner Lift and can carry up to 500 passengers per hour. In total, these four lifts can carry nearly 3500 passengers in an hour. During night skiing sessions, one T-Bar and the beginner lift is operational and carry around 1500 passengers per hour.

The pass prices, as we mentioned above are highly economical. For one day of fun activities, adults and kids have to spare 18 and 12 Euros respectively.

Additionally, there is a plus point for cross-country skiers as there is a trail of 12 kilometers available for cross-country skiing. Ski Resort Wilde Wiese also fancies a ski rental shop and ski school where you can rent equipments and sharpen your skiing skills respectively. When snow is proper, this resort is daily open which serves as the best pro of this place.

Enough words from our side. The beautifully well groomed slopes of Ski Resort Wilde Wiese await your presence. It is about time you consider visiting them.

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