Wildkogel: Winter Dream Come True


Any list of family-friendly ski resorts in Austria is incomplete without the list being topped by the Wildkogel Arena Ski Resort. It is one of the best and most loved ski resorts in all of Western Austria, and every guest who visits sings nothing but its praises. The service, the diversity, the variety of winter sports activities, the environment and most importantly its closeness to Nature are nothing short of extraordinary. A definite must-visit for you if you and your family are looking for the perfect place to spend your winter break in.


Wildkogel is a mountain situated a few hours away from the market towns of Neukirchen and Bramberg in the state of Salzburg. It is magnificent to look at and incredible to slide down from. “Fun”, “thrilling” and “exhilarating” are just a few words that can be used to describe the experience you will have. The brilliant experience you will have will surely make you want to return every year. The Wildkogel Ski Resort has won many accolades for its piste system, safety and security, and maintenance and grooming of the slopes. It has been rated 4.1 out of 5 for its overall performance is every aspect.


There is a ski school in the Wildkogel Arena that serves as a training course for all the beginners. These beginners could be adults or even kids, no matter what age group, they will be taught some great techniques, given practice and their skills will be sharpened. Races are conducted too, in order to test your newly acquired skills. The instructors are very experienced and are able to handle large groups as well.




Elevation at Wildkogel: 

Wildkogel Statistics

Base Elevation: 820 m

Summit Elevation: 2150 m

Vertical Drop: 1330 m

The winter sports area is located between to elevation of 820 meters (2690 feet) and 2150 meters (7053 feet) of altitude, with a vertical drop that every ski lover will swear by. This elevation ensures that fun on the slopes does not end!


Snow Fall at Wildkogel:


One of the reasons why Wildkogel is so popular is that it has just the right amount of snowfall in the mountains. At the summit, the snowfall measured is around 130 cm (51 inches), and at the valley, the snowfall measured is 35 cm (13.7 inches). Artificial snow making machines are installed on all the slopes here, due to which slopes can be utilized even in the summer months. The texture of the snow is powder-like, and this proves to be highly suitable for winter sports.



Lift system at Wildkogel:


From Neukirchen and Bramberg, gondolas are used for transporting their guests and visitors to and from the ski area. Within the resort, they are transported via chairlifts and T-Bars. In total, there are 18 lifts available for use in the entire ski resort. These lifts are of great quality and design, being manufactured by the chairlifts magnate, Doppelmayr. There are four gondola lifts (having a seating capacity of 14 people), four high-speed chairlifts (having a seating capacity of 16 people), five T-Bar lifts and five rope tows. Rope Tows are used as beginner lifts. Another ascension mechanism for kids is the Sunkids Magic Carpet. Three new practice lifts were also introduced in the winter of 2013. The 18 lifts combined can carry 24548 passengers per hour!


Ski Slopes at Wildkogel:


There are around 62 km (38.5 miles) of ski slopes or pistes, available for use by the guests there. These slopes are of mixed difficulty levels, that is: easy, intermediate and difficult. Out of the 62 km of pistes, 45 percent are easy, 40 percent are intermediate, and 15 percent are of difficult difficulty levels. If you own a map of the Wildkogel Ski Resort, the difficulty levels are demoted as blue, red and black respectively.


The ski slopes at this resort are extremely well maintained and are always in great condition for use. Every day at night, the slopes are cleared and groomed by the workers.


Additional marked ski routes stretch up to 18 km or 11.2 miles. Artificial snow making machines are present on the slopes; around 335 snow cannons are used. Almost 75 percent of all slopes have these machines.


Valley runs are also provided, and these are above and below the tree line. The valley runs are completely snow-secure.

Night skiing along with night skiing races are offered, as well as a floodlit toboggan run.


The Primus lift for night skiing is located about 1 km south of Neukirchen in the valley and offers one easy slope. The length of floodlit slopes is 0.5 km or 0.31 miles. The Preimislift is a T-Bar lift, having a length of 418 meters. It can carry up to 508 persons per hour.



Tariff at Wildkogel:


Wildkogel Ski Resort offers a range of different lift pass prices for its guests. Various types of passes like day passes, multi-day passes, season passes, Coach Group prices and School Group Prices are provided. Day Passes for adults range from 37 to 44 euros (€) depending on the time of day. Multi-day Passes range from 84 to 372 euros, starting from two days to twelve days. For children, the prices are cut to almost half. Season Passes for coming to Wildkogel for the entire winter season are also available. Special discounts can also be used, which again depend on a number of factors. There are special kids’ packages throughout the year. Night skiing charges are separate, they charge 4 euros for children, and 8 for adults.  All in all, your stay here will be a complete value for money.


Weather at Wildkogel:


The mountain temperatures are always sub-zero, and the temperature at the base is in a range of -13 to 0. It is important to carry the correct equipment, and all take kinds of safety measures for being out in this weather. Sunlight lasts for 6.5 hours on an average. The chances of precipitation are 10 percent, but wind speed is always high.


Bonus for children:


The Wildkogel ski resort is a winter haven for families. They have snow parks for kids, located right next to the two mountain lift stations. Many activities for kids to enjoy take place here, and they even get to practice and learn new techniques. The friendly and lovable mascots Kogel Mogel and Kogel Mia help the kids to learn faster. There are a guest kindergarten and kids’ restaurant as well.


Operating Times at Wildkogel:


 The opening times are declared by Wildkogel authorities depending upon external conditions, the day of the week, school and public holidays. The winter season lasts from mid-December to early April. During summer months, the resort can be utilized not just for skiing (because of the artificial snowmaking machines), but even for hiking, as the mountain becomes grassy.


We are sure this information has encouraged to go ahead and make that plan you always dreamt of making. It definitely is a must-visit ski resort. The multiple awards it has won prove the same too! Right from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and a host of other fun activities as well, this place has fun for people of all age groups. So even if you are not a big fan of skiing, you can go ahead and enjoy other activities with your near and dear ones. With so much on offer, you really cannot afford to miss out on all the fun.


Wildkogel is the kind of resort you have always been wanting to take your family to. So do not lose this chance, spend the next winter season in YOUR dream vacation spot. Let adventure fill your veins, and let yourself get lost in the thrill. Then find yourself again, in these serene and peaceful surroundings. There is no end to the beauty of the Wildkogel Arena, and you can be a part of it. Go ahead, grab your tickets and visit the resort soon!


Glückliche Reise! Bon voyage! Happy journey!

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