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Willamette Pass Resort – The Perfect Place to Spend a Chilly Winter Day!

Winter brings with it a pleasant sound of church bells, the smell of cakes and joy with Christmas presents. Indeed, it’s the best time of the year. It brings with it happiness through the simplest ways. Winter brings way to make yourself and your loved ones happier than ever. And if you are wondering, how to make this winter special for all, a list of all winter activities will already be ready in your mind.  A winter experience can never be complete without skiing and snowboarding.  If you want to enjoy your winter with a touch of adventure to it, you have no other option but find an excellent mountain resort.

Willamette Statistics

Base Elevation: 5120 feet

Summit Elevation: 6683 feet

Vertical Drop: 1563 feet

If you are in Oregon, Willamette Pass is an excellent option. It has been blessed with wide ski area near Klamath and Lane. It is located in the Cascade region. One can reach there by Highway 85. Special land permit for Willamette national forests looks after the administration of this resort.

Willamette Pass is located near Oakridge city. It is open year round as it is a good holiday destination during summer also. It’s spread over on vast area of 555 acres. Its top elevation is at 2037 meters whereas the base elevation is at 1561 meters. The vertical elevation is at 476 meters.  There are 29 runs in total out of which, the longest run is 2.2 miles. There are two terrain parks. Apart from the skiable area, the groom able area is of another 225 acres. There are two peaks in this area out of which one is named as eagle peak.  There are six lifts in total.

There are some amazing features of Willamette Pass Resort, and they make your experience better than ever.

The runs are very comfortable and easy for the beginners, so it gives them a good practice. For those who are experts, they can come here when they want something really easy, just to enjoy the snow without much of an adventure for them. It offers a training center too which can help you learn well and enhance your experience.

Willamette Pass Holiday Resort owns beginner friendly terrain for newbies and impressive training crew. They conduct different sessions based on your level of expertise as well as age. They also have the facility of private sessions for an individual or a preformed group. This makes it easy for you to learn without any fears in your mind.  The runs are very comfortable and easy for the beginners, so it gives them a good practice. For those who are experts, they can come here when they want something really easy, just to enjoy the snow without much of an adventure for them. It offers a training center too which can help you learn well and enhance your experience.

The training sessions are on offer with some really amazing discount offers. They gift you one free ride if you complete three lessons. There are different discount packages of different time duration for the program graduates too. The performance during the training sessions and the consistency decides the amount of discount.

There are discounts available for holiday packages too. They claim to be most affordable mountain resort in California. They also have early weekend packages starting from Friday. Different discount coupons and passes are abundant for Willamette Pass Holiday Resort. This is easily the most attractive feature of Willamette Pass Holiday Resort, making it one of the best resorts in the region that attract thousands of people during the winters.

The resort is family friendly. They have something to offer to all age groups. It’s very safe for children too, and special care is taken for the safety of everyone. The staff is also friendly to make sure that the visitors feel comfortable while embracing new experiences. They have what they call base camp exclusively for children and beginners.

The resort is not limited to only skiing. There are other attractive activities like snowboarding, tubing, snowshoeing and lots more. They assure you to let you do everything that will make your winter holiday memorable. But it isn’t restricted to that. They offer ample amount of activities during summer also. A subdivision of this resort, Oregon Skyway is a service that makes sure that your eyes are awed by the beauty of the pass and valley.

The resort offers different discount offers by issuing season passes and children passes. These are available at discounted rates. They save money of buying a pass every time you visit. Plus your efforts are also reduced as you don’t need to follow the procedure of issuing pass every time you visit. You can just present the pass and enter. This feature is very popular among the regular visitors. It saves money too.

One excellent feature of this resort is that you can do the checking and booking online. On the official website of the resort, one can check the availability of the services required and make the bookings right away. It’s done just in a click. The booking of lessons and the rentals can be made by just emailing them. It is an easy procedure and saves you time and energy. Many times, the rentals get full due to prior bookings. To avoid that, one can always stick to advanced online booking.

Safety wise also Willamette Pass Holiday Resort has taken many precautions. There are chairlifts for children. They have well-defined codes of conduct, and there are guards around the skiing area. Beginners aren’t allowed to ski in areas that are steeper. The resort is a perfect place to spend time with your family and friends. Thanks to a wide array of fun activities on offer, Willamette Pass Resort has something for everyone, thus making sure even kids and senior citizens can have ample fun. The staff is amicable with the ultimate goal of serving the visitors.  Skiing is a sport but more importantly, it is a way in which you enjoy the blessings of nature. It allows you to connect to the natural environment and takes away all the stress you endure everyday otherwise. It gives you the opportunity to revitalize your mind and body and get back to your routine in a fresh mood. For nature admirers, it offers beautiful and picturesque landscapes which relax their mind. For the people who love adventures, it gives the opportunity to spend their energy on and take home much more than skiing experience. It adds on to their personal experiences as well. Snowboarding is also amazing to experience during winter. It satiates your adventurous needs as well as offers a feeling of serenity. And Willamette Pass Holiday Resort takes care of both of these things.

Due to smaller group sizes, there is a sense of unity and responsibility of each other which increases the chances of bonding well with them. It definitely adds on to your social skills and gives you stories to tell years down the line. The accommodating staff makes you feel like coming back again which multiplies your happiness. Natural beauties and discounts are just like the cherry on top.

And if you want to plan an outing for your group for skiing, you can safely think of Willamette Pass Holiday Resort as your first option. After all, with every outing, what you take away from it, depends much upon the management of the place and you can be assured to take home a bundle of memories from here. And thanks to the wide range of amazing fun activities that are available here, you can easily have a great time enjoying with your near and dear ones. So pack your bags and go visit Willamette Pass Resort with family and friends and make the most of your time during the upcoming winters.

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