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Willard Mountain – Ski, Ride, Slide!

Enjoy happiness; it’s finally getting chilly after that long summer. We have all had our fill and have been waiting for something different and something more adventurous. So what better than Winters! As children, we all have had the best time of our lives and as we grow up, we tend to believe that may be that fun no longer exists for us. Well, there is no age limit for fun and happiness. Skiing can definitely get your monotonous senses revitalized and help you experience so much more than just what you expect. Yes, life is hard but skiing is not, and it definitely can never be as hard as life.

So when trying life already, what’s the harm with skiing? Life has tons and tons of responsibilities and burdens which have to be sidelined at one point to guild together all the broken slays to entertainment. So when given a chance to be back to life why back off? Skiing, trailing, tubing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering and the list is endless – so much and so good can definitely help kick our senses. So, these winters pack your bags and open out to the enormous fun. Plan out your weekend and let yourself sway along with Willard Mountain’s amazing deals and surprises. You can visit this awesome ski resort with a whole bunch of family and friends to make the most of a chilly winter day.

Willard Mountain acknowledges them as, “New York’s coolest little ski area”. Well, that’s because they believe that they cater to people and their needs. Located in the hills of Southern Washington County, is only a 30-minute drive from the Capital Region. The resort is placed in 77 Intervale Road, Greenwich and is reportedly 25 minutes from the Clifton Park, New York City when heading towards Route 146 East.  It has a vertical drop of 505 feet, and there are five lifts in total which have a vertical drop of 910 feet. Willard Mountain has a top vertical elevation of 1415 feet and the lifts go up to 7075 feet.

Willard Statistics

Base Elevation: 910 feet

Summit Elevation: 1415 feet

Vertical Drop: 505 feet

The place has various types of elevation levels, and their terrain park is open to all types of riders and skiers. Their terrain park offers a bunch of surprises and also some finished features like bumps, jumps, rails and fun boxes. They host various rail competitions every year to boost their skiers and endorse mountaineering.   There are 14 runs offered along with five lifts in total. The place is opened till 9 pm for some nights on weekdays. The place is known for having a lot of events to support and surface the needs of people looking for something more than just skiing. You can visit the place with your dear ones and enjoy skiing on a trail that suits your skiing levels.

Ski Trails

Willard Mountain offers various ski trails like the bunny hop which is considered to be their easiest. The meadow is again furnished as easy. Their bear path is rendered to be the most difficult along with upper colonel, wipe out and white river run! Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

One of their best is Joe’s special which is considered as intermediate as and little less difficult than the bear path. Along with Joe’s special is their Billy O’Neil, short swing, Ivan’s alley, shady lane, look out, lower colonel cutoff. These trails are fun to have if you aren’t looking for something extensively dangerous. These can very well help you have all that you have been looking for this winter. With so much on offer, Willard Ski Area is truly one of the best in the region, attracting visitors in large numbers throughout the winters.

Beginner lifts – The lifts offered are varied and out of all the ones offered, their chair lift, learning center lift, ski patrol lift, main lodge lift, tubing park lift and the tube park lift are considered to be the most adventurous ones. They are specially designed in a manner meant for all the beginner skiers. Just in case, perhaps you have never tried lifts, you ought to opt for one of these.

Intermediate lifts – The lifts categorized as intermediate would be terrain park, picnic area, little colonel and the upper colonel. These are considered to be like the most adventurous and sensational as they can only give you an adrenaline rush that would enthrall all the chill inside you this winter season.

The Tickets

The tickets to Willard Mountain are easily available online. Their ski shop is open every weekend from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm and their tickets range from $306 to $1400. You can easily get your tickets from the resort counter or buy online without any fuss.

There are several options available for all the customers. Willard Mountain offers discounted prices to its customers before the December 1st. The tickets for juniors cost around $304 before December 1st and $340 after December 1st. For an adult, the price goes from $680 to December 1st and $755 after December 1st.

For two adults the price goes from $680 before December 1st and $755 after December 1st.

For three people the price is $909 before December 1st and $1010 after December 1st.

For four people the price is $1125 before December 1st and $1250 after December 1st.

They have various other packages for their valued customers where they provide demo skis and snowboards to help their customers. Their daily equipment rates start from $24 for adults and $20 for juniors.

Their complete ski package includes skis, boots, and poles. These would be available on rental basis. These include seasonal packages which help you save money. You can avail skis, bindings, and boots and poles packages.

They also have some cool places to hang around in their cafeteria and their skiing hangout area. This is enormously fun and very pleasant to visit around during the winter season. Your kids can have a really amazing time here at the Willard Mountain.

Important timings you should know about this place

Willard Mountain is scheduled to operate six days during the week. They are usually closed on Mondays except only during the holiday season that they are open for all the seven days. Their working hours are from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. during Tuesdays and Wednesdays during winters. Once can easily buy their tickets from their website and avail discounts and coupons for their kids and family. If in case you don’t have the required equipment for skiing, it is easily available on rent at easy prices from their rental stores, which are open from 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays. The equipment is very readily available and also in good condition. Willard Mountain makes sure to help their customers avail great offers to boost their energy and levels of fun.

Just to ensure that no customer ever returns disappointed they have introduced special holiday packages online which can be checked through their website.

With winters approaching and all the tension being lifted up, it is high time to brew some coffee and get your bags packed for an extravaganza! Willard Mountain offers an unforgettable experience to its customers who are hard to resist. Also, they have various offers which only cater to the needs of the customers. Thus, whenever looking out for some snow, skiing and a good hangout place, Willard Mountain is your go-to destination. Don’t forget to miss out on their snow games and camping which forms an addition to the winter arena making it one of a kind for a friendly yet affordable experience to winters! 

Go ahead, pack your gear bags and head out straight to the Willard Ski Area with your family and dear friends, and make the most of the winter vacations. You can have a fantastic time and return with memories to cherish forever!

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