Ski Resort Willingen:


No more words of wisdom this time. We know you are here because you mean business. And we are going to bring the party to you, friends. Winter is upon us and you are still wondering which resort to choose. Why stay confused when we are here to help you out with your choices? Let us take you to our best pick this time- Ski Resort Willingen.

Location and Best Possible Ways to Reach Here:

Sauerland is a city that fancies many ski resort and most of them are worth visiting. Ski Resort Willingen is located in the same city in the Central Uplands of Germany. The winter sports area is established where the elevation of the base is 580 meters and the summit is at 838 meters. Now is the time when we are going to let you know how to reach your destination. Talking about the flight access, the nearest airports to the resort are Airport Dortmund and Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt. Airport Dortmund is approximately 105 kilometers from the resort and from there, it will take you around 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Ski Resort Willingen. Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt is nearest to the resort at a distance and time of 60 kilometers and 1 hour respectively from the resort. Train connectivity is also present, so this is a good thing. Willingen Train Station is just 10 minutes walk away from the resort.

Stats of the Slope:

Base Elevation: 1969 ft

Summit Elevation: 2749 ft

Vertical Drop: 781 ft

The slope is well groomed and maintained by highly skilled a professional which is the forte of Ski Resort Willingen. The vertical drop is 258 meters from the base to the summit. The slopes offer multiple runs and variations as well which is the very thing every ski enthusiast craves for. The 16 kilometer slopes have 2 different challenges to offer. Almost 44 percent of the slope accounting to 7 kilometers in length is on the easier side and well suited for the beginners. The other 56 percent of the slope, i.e. almost 9 kilometers in length is Intermediately tough in nature and considered good enough for the high level skiers. They have 101 snow cannons and 55 percent of the slopes are equipped with them, so no problems whatsoever the weather is. The slopes are mounted with flood lights as well, so the enthusiasts can have fun in the evening session as well as they offer night skiing facility on selected days. . The slope open for night skiing is one of the largest in Germany, i.e. around 1.5 kilometers and operates only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.



Best Season to Visit and Timings:

Like rest of its counterparts, Ski Resort Willingen opens its doors for visitors early in the month of December and concludes the proceedings somewhere around end of March. Though they have artificial snow machines as well, the time when the resort is at its best is the month of January. During season, the resort opens at 8:30AM in the morning and closes at 4:30PM in the evening. For night skiing, the days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The operating timings are 6:30PM to 9:45PM.

Ski Pass Prices and the Lifts:

Ski Resort Willingen is well equipped with 9 lifts in total. Out of these 9 lifts, 1 is a circular ropeway that can carry up to 2400 persons per hour. 6 of them are T-Bar lifts which can carry up to 1000 people each. The remaining two are a chairlift and beginners lift which can carry around 1600 and 700 people from the base to the summit in an hour. In total, these 9 lifts can carry approximately 11,500 passengers per hour from the bottom to the top. Coming to the prices of the ski passes for a single day, Ski Resort Willingen offers the tickets at a very nominal charge. Adults have to pay 27 Euros for a single day’s trip whereas the amount for kids is 17 Euros only. There is a ski rental store as well and they are always happy to have customers. We would suggest you book your gear and accessories online to get a better discount and sure shot bookings. Ski Resort Willingen is a children and family friendly resort, always willing to push the limits for its customers. So if you are planning to have a ski trip, there is no place better than Ski

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