License to Chill- Wimmerlift Ski Resort


Contrary to the literal sense, witers make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because of the atmosphere around you. Don’t you think it looks lovely to see snow outside? I know I do. The soft, mushy snow crumbling in the palms of your hands, the feel of crisp, chilly winds kissing your face as you travel down the snow covered roads- ‘These are a few of my favoritethings’! Whether you are an indoor person snuggled by the fireplace with a large cup of hot chocolate reading your favorite novel or you are out making the best of your time playing with snow, winters remain a constant reminder of all those good memories we have. As we complete a month in this New Year 2017, make the most of your time this winter and create such good memories. Who knows how long the snow will last!


A fun-filled vacation would be a good idea to rejuvenate yourself before you head back to your life which is full of responsibilities and duties to be complied with. Situated at Greithgrabenstraße 1, 8063 Purgstall bei Eggersdorf, Austria, the Wimmerlift ski resort is a one-stop destination guaranteed to provide you with all the fun that’s been missing from your life. Go out frolicking around the mountains or bundle up your ski and snowboard equipment so that you enjoy to the fullest. Wimmerlift Ski Resort will make sure you witness all their fun-to-do activities and not leave without discovering all that is to see. So without further ado, pack your luggage and journey towards this beautiful ski resort in the midst of the mountains.




Vital Statistics


Wimmerlift Statistics


The ski resort is sprawled across 3.5 hectares of land, so that is plenty of space for children and youths alike to spend their entire outdoors. The total ski trails measure 380 meters (1247 ft.) in length and 80 meters (263 ft) in width. It is perched at an elevation of 450-500 meters (1476ft- 1640ft). Also, there are two T-bar lifts convenient for all age types of guests. The trails and slopes are all fully flood-lit with panoramic cameras, and the facility of snow guns is also available.


For Skiing: 0.5 km (0.3 miles) of ski slopes and trails are designed for skiing and various SnowSports. These trails are fabricated for the purpose of skiing of all levels. Whether it is a beginner or an expert, these ‘pistes’ suit every skier in having a good time treading along these slopes.


Day Passes and Tickets


Day passes, and tickets are available for you to use them at your own convenience without any hassle. For 2 hours, day tickets for adults cost 10 Euros, for children 8 Euros, for youths 10 Euros and senior citizens 10 Euros. For 3 hours, day tickets for adults cost 12 Euros, for children 10 Euros, for youths 12 Euros and senior citizens 12 Euros. For 4 hours, day tickets for adults 14 Euros, for children costs 11 Euros, for youths 14 Euros and senior citizens 14 Euros. For one full day of skiing, ticket prices for adults cost 18 Euros, for children 15 Euros, for youths 18 Euros and senior citizens 18 Euros.


Accommodation and holiday packages


Obviously, you would require accommodation facilities when you plan to spend a good time at Wimmerlift. The area of surrounding Wimmerlift accommodates several beautiful and old-fashioned countryside cottages and lodging requirements which are an absolute delight to stay in and provides all the facilities as expected. A sneak preview of some of the hotels and houses available for you to stay here at Wimmerlift.


Kirchberg on the river Raab- This hotel is conveniently located in this area with access to hiking, mountaineering, cycling and all outdoor fun. A package at this hotel for three nights starts from 165 Euros and promise you of an extremely pleasant experience here at Wimmerlift.


Hotel Haus am See– A picturesque house located just by the lake is everything you would desire during your stay here at Wimmerlift. This hotel holds a perpetually ladies weekend offer with a complimentary breakfast included with a two nights package starting from 199 Euros, and a romantic couples package starts from 109 Euros. With the scenic view overlooking this hotel, it is definitely one to watch for!


Haus Steinfeld- This accommodation facilitates the system of apartment lodging with very reasonable per day prices and packages. Enclosed in the midst of meadows, fields, and forests, Haus Steinfeld is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the breath-taking view that overlooks this hotel. Per day costs are 48 Euros for two persons each day, and with a child under six years, an extra bed fee is charged.


So make sure you follow the basic dos and don’ts while you are visiting the mountains, in this case, the Alpine region such as:


Carry heavy and warm clothing because the weather is predicted to drop down to -7 degrees Celsius which mean that sweaters, coats, windcheaters, woolen apparel are a must.

Do not forget to carry a spare pair of socks, gloves or hats because there is always the possibility of rainfall which also means that you must carry raincoats or umbrellas to shield yourself from the biting downpour.

Make sure you have the right equipment for skiing and also remember to pack a comfortable pair of shoes, preferably sneakers or any type of shoes which are convenient to walk upon wet and slippery roads.

Follow basic guidelines as stipulated by the resort and maintain a good code of conduct because which means abiding by the safety regulations as laid down by the resort.

This is all you need to know about traveling down to Wimmerlift Ski Resort and will give you a fair idea about the essentials and highlights of this place. So do not delay your plans anymore and make way for that vacation, the one you always wanted to take and experience a magical destination in the heart of Austria. The resort has something on offer for everyone, right from skiing to snow shoeing and a bunch of other fun activities, making it a great place to spend some quality family time. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place. Go ahead, grab the tickets and head out for Wimmerlift Ski Resort with your family and friends. Have fun!

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