Ski Resort Winklmoosalm/Steinplatte:

Every ski resort has a specialty and every single one of them is beautiful in its own way. It actually depends on the visitors what do they exactly want from that resort. Do you seek some thrilling, competitive ski sessions or are you looking for a resort that will offer you a peaceful skiing trip? How would you feel if we give you a resort where you can do both? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But it is true. There is a place huge enough to offer both aspects at a single place. And the name is ski resort Winklmoosalm/Steinplatte. Have some patience. We are getting to the details part.



Location of the Resort:

Winklmoosalm Statistics

Base Elevation: 2461 ft

Summit Elevation: 6234 ft

Vertical Drop: 3773 ft

Ski resort Winklmoosalm/Steinplatte defies boundaries and is located in the breathtaking Pillersee Valley in Austria and expands till the Chiemgau in Upper Bavaria, Germany. The area for winter sports activities is established between the elevations of 740 meters and 1,860 meters. The location is so picture perfect that the view you get from the resort, especially the summit is something that just cannot be explained in words. In short, from the top of the resort, you will get a feeling like you are king of the world. Winklmoosalm/Steinplatte is at a very feasible location and it is easy to reach there. The nearest airports to the resort are Innsbruck in Austria and Munich in Germany. Innsbruck Airport is approximately 120 kilometers away at a driving time of 1 hour 30 minutes from the ski resort whereas Munich Airport is approximately 150 kilometers away and a drive of almost 2 hours is required from there to reach the resort. Sadly, there is no direct connectivity of train. Hence travelling by air is the best bet.


Statistics of the Slope:

The resort offers you a fantastic terrain of 42 kilometers in total which is well groomed and serves purpose for skiers at every level. Not to forget the vertical drop of 1,120 meters and this is just outstanding if you see it from the point of view of a winter sports fanatic. 43 percent of the slope (18 kilometers in length) offers easy runs and beginners can get away with it and enjoy their time learning the basics there. Next up is the next section which comprises of a major 52 percent share (22 kilometers approximately) and is a good turf for the skiers who enjoy intermediate level of difficulty. Last but not the least, the remaining 5 percent of the slope is no place for amateurs as it can suit you only if you an expert skier. Winklmoosalm/Steinplatte has 105 snow cannons in total which enables 85 percent of the slope with snow making capabilities. The longest run offered here is 12 kilometers long as you will start in Austria and finish in Germany. The toughest run is run number 8 on Steinplatte and lengthens up to 1.2 kilometers with an elevation difference of 385 meters. The slope also offers a fun snow park as well, so if you have had enough of skiing and snowboarding, you can choose the snow park as your escape route.


Ski lifts and pass prices:

At ski resort Winklmoosalm/Steinplatte, a total of 13 ski lifts carry the passengers with comfort and ease to the top of the resort. 2 of these are circulating ropeways with 15 and 8 person seating capacity respectively and can carry up to 2500 people each in 1 hour. Next 9 of the 13 lifts are chairlifts with carrying capacity varying from 4 to 8 persons at a time. All of these together can carry approximately 25,000 people in an hour from the base to the summit. Remaining 2 are T-Bar lifts and can carry up to 2500 passengers on an hourly basis. With a total lift length of 20.7 kilometers, these 13 lifts can carry around 32,000 passengers in duration of an hour.

Talking about the pass prices for a day, adults have to bear a cost of 46 Euros. Youth and children get a discounted pass as the prices for their pass is 35 and 24 Euros respectively for a single day pass. Senior citizens also get a little discount and their pass costs around 43.5 Euros.

Season and Timings:

As we already mentioned that the resort is located on such a high elevation and with the availability of over 100 snow cannons, ski resort Winklmoosalm/Steinplatte opens its gates for the visitors earlier than its competitors in the month of November and bids farewell for the season early in the month of April. This means you get a duration of almost 135 days which is such a great deal. During season, the resort opens up at 8:30AM and closes for the day after 8 hours at 4:30PM.

In addition to that, you can take pleasure of some extra activities such as Snow Tubing, Sleigh Trips and not to mention, the 15 kilometers long winter hiking trails. Intersport Skihutte is the place where you can rent your favorite ski and snowboarding gears at very nominal prices. Also, there are facilities of public indoor swimming pool and sauna, so the fun never ends.

Winklmoosalm/Steinplatte is a place with tons of benefits and offers a very friendly environment for every age group. We think it is time you decide quickly.


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