Ski Resort Winterberg:

Which is the most awaited season for winter sports enthusiasts? Any guesses? Yes, it is winter. Be it the liftman that operates the ski lifts or the guy who is crazy about skiing, winter is a season that brings joy to all of them. It is cherished by all and brings a wave of excitement at its arrival. There are a plenty of ski resorts where you can utilize your time to have fun. But don’t you think that bigger is better? Yes you do. You are the type of person who would like to ski and surf the snow on a larger slope, with higher risks. We have the best possible suggestion for you. Ski Resort Winterberg is the place where you should be right now. You want the details, right? We are at your service.


The Location and Ways to reach there:

Located in the surprisingly beautiful city of Sauerland, Central Uplands of Germany, Ski Resort Winterberg is what you can call Heaven for the people who are madly in love with winter sports. The base of the ski resort is located at an altitude of 640 meters and the summit is high on top at 830 meters. This is where the winter sport area is set up by the resort and you need to see this by your own eyes because its beauty during winters is unmatched and cannot be expressed in words.

The good news is that you can reach this place either by train or by plane as both means of transport offer connectivity. The airports nearest to the resort are Airport Dortmund and Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt. These airports are 109 kilometers and 77 kilometers from the resort respectively and a car ride of around 1 to 1 and half hour will take you to the place.

Trains to Winterberg are also available and during season, there is a good connectivity of buses as well which will escort you to the resort frequently.

Season and Ski Slope Details:

Winterberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2067 ft

Summit Elevation: 2690 ft

Vertical Drop: 623 ft

As we know very well, the skiing season in Germany begins from December in most of the resorts, and hence, Ski Resort Winterberg is no exception. The season begin from mid December as the resort welcomes its customers with arms wide open and bids them farewell when the season concludes in mid March.

Coming to the slopes, the ski areas are well-groomed and provide a smooth sailing experience to the skiers. They have a slope that accounts to a total distance of 27.5 kilometers which is a huge number in itself. It has a terrain that is well suited for all 3 categories of skiers- Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. The slope on the easier side is around 14 kilometers in length which can prove to be a good surface for beginners to hone their skills. Then we have the real deal. The slope on intermediate and hard level is 12 kilometer and 1.5 kilometers in length and is good enough for the professionals and experienced skiers.


Ski Lifts and Pass Prices:

Ski Resort Winterberg is a proud resort that boasts itself as one of the biggest ski resort and hence, they have 22 lifts in total. They have the maximum number of chairlifts and detachable chairlift as no other resort in Germany matches this number. They have an army of lifts that includes 14 chairlifts, 5 T-Bar/Button Lifts and 3 Rope Tow/Beginner Lifts. With a total lift length of 9 kilometers, these 22 lifts are capable of carrying up to 40,000 passengers from the base to the summit in an hour. How good is that?

During season, the opening and closing timings of the resort are 9AM and 4:30PM respectively.

If we have a look at the pass prices for a single day, there are only 2 categories- Adults and Children. Adults have to lose 34 Euros from their pockets whereas for children, the amount is 23 Euros.

And to your surprise, they have floodlit slopes as well. Yes, that is right. You can enjoy night skiing as well in Ski Resort Winterberg. The night skiing facility can be availed only on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:30PM to 10PM. In addition to that, there is a ski school for which anyone can enroll at a very nominal price and ski rental shop is also located within the premises.

So much of fun awaits you at Ski Resort Winterberg and you are still on your computer screen. It’s time, my friend.

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