Ski Resort Wolfsburg-Siegsdorf:


As we have always said, Bavaria holds a special place in the heart of winter sports enthusiasts. And the reason is the small yet elegant resorts that Bavaria has to offer. You come here; you will never go back empty handed. You will always take away some memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Out of the many resorts in Upper Bavaria region, we are talking about a particular one, a hidden gem in fact. The resort we are talking about is ski resort Wolfsburg-Siegsdorf. It’s about time we share some details

Location of the Resort:

Wolfsburg-Siegsdorf Statistics

Base Elevation: 610 m

Summit Elevation: 740 m

Vertical Drop: 130 m

Located in the Chiemgau region, Upper Bavaria, ski resort Wolfsburg-Siegsdorf is a place that offers a great ambience for a family outing, especially if you are planning to take your toddlers for a skiing outing. The area for enjoying winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding at Wolfsberg is situated between the elevations of 610 and 740 meters. The three nearest airports to ski resort Wolfsburg are Salzburg, Munich and Innsbruck which are at a distance of 51, 76 and 94 kilometers respectively from the resort. From any of these airports, you can take a cab ride to the resort which will take around 1 to 1 and half hour at max.


Slope Details:



With a vertical drop of 130 meters, ski resort Wolfsberg offer you a skiing slope of 0.8 kilometers. The difficulty level of the slope is pretty much on the easier side and is well suited for the ones who are just beginning to ski and snowboard. 100 percent of the ski slope at resort Wolfsburg is equipped with artificial snow making machines, so there is no need to worry about the snowfall reports. Good news for the people who have a busy schedule during the day. Ski resort Wolfsburg-Siegsdorf offer the facility of night skiing as well which means if missed the fun during day due to some official work, the resort will open you during the night. The 0.8 kilometer slope is well-groomed and equipped with flood lights which double the fun.


Ski lifts and ski pass prices:

Due to its small size, Wolfsburg has only one ski lift. The lift is a T-Bar/platter with a lift length of 730 meters and is capable enough of carrying 1000 passengers in an hour. The ticket prices are very reasonable here as a single day pass for adults costs 16 Euros whereas kids have to pay only 13 Euros for the same. Pass cost is the same as above for night skiing trips.

Season and Timings:

The season for winter sports here in Wolfsberg begins in the mid of December as this is the time of the year when they get the first snowfall. The season concludes somewhere around end of March. The resort features 32 sunny days throughout the season with January begin the sunniest month with 15 sunny days. This fact makes Wolfsburg one of the 15 sunniest resorts in Germany. Best time to visit the resort is either the end of December or the month of January as it is the time when you get the best natural snow due to heavy snowfall. During season, the timing for skiing during daylight is 9AM to 4:20PM which is fair enough as it gives you a window of almost 7 and half hours. Timing for night skiing begins at 7PM and ends at 10PM meaning the resort offers you a 3-hour slot for night skiing. If you are interested in taking ski lessons, this facility is available at Wolfsburg as well. The ski school provides a plan for the ski course which you can follow in the weeks to come. The resort welcomes families and offers a very children friendly environment as well. So if family outing is on your mind, you know Wolfsburg is the place for you.

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