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Skiing has a very simple principle- The higher the mountain, the greater the fun. You can restrict a beginner on the slopes that are small and easy. But for the pros who want some high flying action, you need to give them a slope where they can show off their picture perfect skills. And we know you are searching for resorts that will give you the thrill that you are searching for. That is why we are here, to give you what you want. Today’s recommendation for you is Ski Resort Wurmberg-Braunlage. Let us shed some light on the details.


The Location and How to Reach There?

Wurmberg-Braunlage Statistics

Base Elevation: 565 m

Summit Elevation: 970 m

Vertical Drop: 405 m


Ski Resort Wurmberg-Braunlage is situated in the breathtaking Harz Mountains, Central Upland of Germany. The resort fancies its winter sports area at an elevation 570 meters at the base and 970 meters at the summit. The total vertical drop you get here is 410 meters which is quite fascinating.

Let us talk about the best way to reach the resort now. The nearest airport to the resort is Hannover Airport in Germany. The airport is at a distance of 137 kilometers from the resort and a car drive of around 1 hour 40 minutes will take you to your destination. It is a pity that there is no train connectivity, but the bus services to the resort is pretty convenient, so there is no need to worry.

Slope Statistics:



Now we are talking! This is the most impressive feature of Ski Resort Wurmberg-Braunlage. The slope you get for skiing is a whopping 12 kilometers. This slope is divided in to three grids- Easy, Medium and Hard. Almost 85 percent of the slope falls under the Easy category and covers around 10 kilometers of the slope. A delight for the skilled skiers is the 1.1 kilometer section of the grid termed as Intermediate and offers a good level of difficulty. And the best part that will make the ski frenzy go crazy with fun and adrenaline is the last section of the grid. It is labeled as Hard for a reason as this patch of 0.5 kilometers is worth your time and money.

Best Season to Visit and Timings:



The best season to visit is winter. The resort opens its gates for the visitors early in the month of December and closes by the mid of March. Ski Resort Wurmberg-Braunlage has snow machines and snow cannons which ensure a good amount of snow, appropriate for skiing to continue even when the natural snow is not present in good numbers. During season, the resort operates under the timing 8:45AM to 4:10PM and the timings usually do not vary until unless the weather conditions are not deteriorated

Ski Pass Prices and the Lifts:

You are wondering how to get from the base to the summit of Ski Resort Wurmberg-Braunlage. There are 7 lifts in total that are going to serve the purpose for you. There are 2 circulating ropeways which are capable of carrying 2000 people each on an hourly basis. Then we have a 4-person chairlift that can carry 4 people in one go and around 1800 people per hour. The 3 T-Bar lifts carry around 1800 people per hour to the top of the resort. And last but not the least, the Beginner Lift can also carry around 600 people in an hour. Here, the total lift length is 5.1 kilometers and these 7 lifts can carry around 6600 passengers per hour. Coming to the ski pass prices, a single day pass would cost 32 Euros to an adult, 24 Euros to a young person and just 16 Euros for kids. In addition to that, there are ski schools as well where the people who are beginning to ski can learn new tips and tricks about the sport. A Ski rental shop is also present from where you can rent the equipments and the spare parts for you own gear. It is indeed the largest ski area in Northern Germany and we assure you that you are going to have the time of your life if you visit them.

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