The Best Place for Skiing - Wurzeralm


Wurzeralm offers a stunning view of the lofty mountains, and is located at a steep altitude of 1.400 m, and through funicular, it can be easily reached within minutes.

The highest point of the area being Frauenkar, it is situated at 1.870 m. Excellent location in the mountains and latest and attractive snow-making facilities with breath-taking locations guarantee amazing fun in snow in the whole season. Authentic eating places, all levels of slopes, two downhill running and kid’s park offer everything that a ski lover wants.

This special ski area boasts of 8 lifts and has wide expanses of natural snow, much celebrated by the people during the winters. People will find it to be the ultimate spot to go for during the holidays, especially relaxed skiers and families. Much wanted Sundays are always joyful and this place is packed with action for the whole family. So have fun!



Special Features


Wurzeralm Statistics

Base Elevation: 2657 ft

Summit Elevation: 6135 ft

Vertical Drop: 3478 ft

The only World Cup venue in the region, Hinterstoder, located in high areas of this place features the much wanted Hannes-Trinkl-World Cup Course, fun trail and an exciting snowboard park – an interesting trail for old and young and 14 state-of-the-art lifts.

The ideal place Pyhrn-Preil region is not only the ideal place for skiing but also has many other engagements to offer such as snowshoe walks, winter walks, ski tours, tobogganing rides, cross-country skiing, tobogganing. So, even if you are not a ski lover, you have so many activities you may enjoy doing here at the Wurzeralm Resort.



The family-friendly amenities which the place offers are in abundance, some of them include the fastest funicular, four-person chair-lift, ski rentals, free ski bus, two ski runs, direct connection to the motorway and a lot more. Also for skiing and snowboarding, 22 km of slopes are available in addition to seven lifts that help the guests in moving from one place to another. The area of winter sports is situated between Warcheneck and Rote Wand this place is accessed in just a few minutes with the latest funicular. The point Frauenkar, at 1870 m is highest. Modern snow-making equipment and excellent mountain locations give assurance of snow reliability. Slopes are available for people having various skiing levels, along with Kids Park, two valley runs offer everything guests crave for when they plan their winter holiday.

The funicular takes guest from the base station up to this ski resort within minutes which is very relaxing for guests. Moreover, in the resort, the Hammering quad chairlift and the Frauenkar double chairlift provides access to most of the slopes. The rest offerings are completed by additional tow and practice lifts in Kids Park. There is a magic carpet for attraction too!



Some information about the lifts

There are a number of lifts available for people to help them ferry with ease.

Funicular lift, having a length of 2938 m and a carrying capacity 1450, manufactured by Leitner is one of its kind which has an optional replacement lift which can carry 110 persons.

The Gammering Lift is one of the lifts operated in this ski resort, which has a carrying capacity of 4 people per chairlift. The length of the lift is 906 meters while it has an amazing carrying speed of ferrying 2170 people in an hour. Sounds good, isn’t it? The replacement lift has a carrying capacity of 2 people per chairlift.

When it comes to chair-lifts, the four-person chairlift of fixed grip, having the length of 906 and a capacity of 2170 manufactured by Leitner is a really fun and full of adventures, which is easily available at this place.

Francuar airlift (fixed-grip) is specially designed for two person pair seating, gives you length to travel of 1700 m and a capacity of 1428 people per hour. This manufacturer of this lift is SSG. This lift gives a special experience is the seating of this lift makes sure that you get a wide view of the location while it ferries you.

Heimlift is a beginner lift with carrying capacity of 600 people per hour, manufactured by Sun Kid, keeps in mind all the needs of beginners. This specially designed beginner’s lift is speed planned in such a way that beginners feel most comfortable with.

Popular events

The place offers a lot of whole family fun and great sweepstakes!

Dates: every Sunday (if snow conditions permit) From 01 January 2017 onwards every visiting family will have a number of advantages and fun (with adequate snowing) and great games offered at the cable car.

Contest: The adventurous contest filled with lots of fun named “Find all the stations” is the motto! Entry forms for this game are available at Wurzeralm checkouts.

Weekly raffles


Offering great surprise gains like fun vouchers, these game draws provides with a must-win present to the families and the main prize is family season passes. Cash prizes are also one of the attractions of this game.

On January 21, 2017, is the day of excitements and lots of activities for kids in the snow along with their families as special kids and family benefit programmes will be organized.

From 11.00 am to 3 pm, on 28th of February, one can enjoy barbecue food which would be prepared from the mobile barbecue grill of Vice World Champion and European Champion in the Grill Franz Kopetzious.



Know about beginners

You can learn skiing by taking beginners lesson here at the Wurzeralm Ski Resort. They provide beginner’s with a very gentle launch pad from which the skiers can learn and enjoy the sport of skiing without any fuss. Those who are little bit experienced but are not intermediates, enjoy a bit steeper skiing on a paradise for snowboarders.


Interesting facts

Elevated between 810 m and 1,870 m, this is among three highest elevated ski resorts in Upper Austria. From summit to the base, the vertical drop is 1,060 m. The difference in average altitude between summit and ski resorts in Austria is 727 m. Therefore most runs are relatively long and offer a great skiing adventure to the lovers of this fascinating sport.

It is among the five best rated place for skiing in Upper Austria. Ski season here starts at 3rd December and ends at 31st March making it total of 118 days. Average season duration in Austria is 121 days.

Snow depth in average during season is 102 cm at summit elevation and 32mm at base elevation. The best snow coverage is during March which offers an average snow depth of 173 cm at summit elevation and 37 cm at base. Therefore, it is one of the best snow conditioned resorts in Upper Austria. This place also offers 48 sunny days on average per season. The average for all ski in Austria is 55 days. December is the sunniest month with the average of 21 sunny days.


Why choose Wurzeralm?

It is one of the most popular destination for skiing and all other snow activities since the beginning of the 20th century and continues to hold its excellence; playing a host to World Cup ski races. World Cup ski races are so much popular even today, a new run it includes for World Cup races is named after downhill World Cup champion Hannes Trinkl. Also, this place claims to be fastest funicular railways in Europe. It is conveniently located in the upper Austria which include beautiful cathedral encircled by marvellous snow covered mountains. Aldo, it just takes minutes by motorway to reach the place.

Thus, with so much on offer, you can really have an amazing time with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winters. So, grab your passes and head out straight for the Wurzeralm ski resort with your family and friends and return with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!

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