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How Cool Can You Go in Zahmer Kaiser?


Seasons come and go and so do the holidays. But how can we change them to make it better? Every one of us enjoys a respite from the monotony of everyday life and you anxiously wait for the time when we can indulge in a little weekend getaway. No doubt that short trips and vacation make us happy and relaxed and within no time, we bounce back to our work. Why not make that long and short breaks turn into an amazing memory!  Aren’t you tired of the hot and sultry summer season which restricts our activities and playfulness? Folks, chugging down a cool shake is not going to solve these problems. So, this time why not indulge yourself in the arms of coolness?  Why not take a break into the lap of compacted snow and feel the cool breeze against your face as you make your way up the mountain?  So this vacation cools yourself up along with your family and friends and return with a chilled spark of vibrancy and happiness. Read on to find more about this awesome place!



About the Place


Zahmer Kaiser Statistics

Base Elevation: 660 m

Summit Elevation: 1150 m

Vertical Drop: 490 m

The first record of human settlements in the Kaiser Mountains dates back 4000 to 5000 years ago. Evidence of Stone Age hunters remains in the caves and crevices of these mountains and valleys. Another interesting fact about the name of these mountains is that the word “Kaiser Mountains” is German for Emperor Mountains while the Zahmer Kaiser denotes gentle emperor.

It all started with a nature research action. As early as1920, many nature enthusiasts associated with each other for the protection and preservation of the unique and natural beauty of the Kaiser along with the ‘European Pope’, Franz Nieboer. Their primary motive was to safeguard the Kaiser Mountains from encroachment and over development with cable cars and roads. Such movements and practices were largely unpopular and fruitful in those days. Later in the year 1961, it was marked as a nature reserve location, and the Reserve opened its doors officially in the year 1963. Today, the resort stands as one of the most visited ski resorts in the region, and attracts a large number of visitors during the winters.

What drives you to Zahmer Kaiser?

Life is always about making something happen. One need not always do great things, but one can always do thing they cherish. Sometimes the best gift you can offer yourself is exploring the wilderness and reaching new heights. Going away for a while without a care in your life might also teach you something new. Since we are on the subject of doing something exciting, see the world in a different angle and let’s climb up the majestic Zahmer Kaiser Mountains.


The place has a rich variety of flora and fauna. The Kaiser Mountain is divided into two segments- the Wilder Kaiser or Wild Kaiser Mountains made up of limestone rock and is basically a chain of mountains and Zahmer Kaiser whose southern side is mainly covered by mountain pine.Kaiser has an area extended for about 20km (12mi) in the east-west direction and about 14km (87mi) from north to the south direction which given out to a total area of around 280 square kilometers (110mi). Ellmauer Halt is the highest elevation of Wilder Kaiser in the borough of Kufstein at 2,344 meters (7,690 feet) along with forty other summits including the very well-known climbing peaks such as Karlsptizen, Totenkirchl, Fleischbank, Predigtstuhl, Goinger Halt, Ackerlspitze, and Maukspitze. It also offers well attractive trails and slopes which are suitable for beginners as well as for expert and demanding athletes.

Zahmer Kaiser also has a large, wide and smooth sloping piste set against the heart-sloping backdrop of the Kaiser Mountains range which makes out to be a perfect ski run for children and also for the beginners. The Kaiser Mountains have an elevation of 660 meters (2165 feet) at the base and 1200 meters (3937 feet) at the summit. There is a total of 13 kilometers (approx. 8 miles) of ski slopes, and out of this number, 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) or 85% are allotted for the beginners and amateurs while 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) or 15% are reserved for intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

It also has the modern quad chair lift, and nine drag lifts for 25 kilometers (approx. 15.5 miles) of slopes for the ten different ski runs and that’s what it makes this place so special and turns out to be a heaven for kid’s ski. It also offers night skiing during once or twice on the snowy tracks which are sufficiently well-lit for you to enjoy uninterrupted skiing and snowboarding. There is also a cross country ski network in the area of local Kaiser Winkel which covers 140 km (approx. 87 miles). Indeed the Kaiser Mountains turn out to be a paradise for winter enthusiasts and fun-lovers. Kaiser offers fun sports for you and your family, keeping you entertained during your complete journey. It is a place which makes you want to come and visit again.



Some Things to Note

Season tickets and passes are available with a reduction on families, groups, senior citizens and also for youths with large groups. Season passes for adults from19 years of age cost 55 Euros, children from 6 years to 15 years old cost 270 Euros, adolescents from 16 years to 18 years cost 470 Euros and senior citizens beyond 65 years of age cost 470 Euros. Special offers are available on Happy hour card and six days family packages. Single day tickets for adults cost 30 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 27 Euros and for children cost 15 Euros. From 11 a.m., day tickets for adults cost 28 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 25 Euros and for children cost 13 Euros. From 12 noon, day tickets for adults cost 26 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 24 Euros and for children cost 12 Euros. From 1 p.m., day tickets for adults cost 24 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 21 Euros and for children cost 11 Euros. From 2 p.m., day tickets for adults cost 20 Euros, for seniors and youths cost 18 Euros and for children cost 10 Euros. For 1 hour, day tickets for adults cost 15 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 11 Euros and for children cost 7 Euros.

Spending your holidays in the Kaiser Mountains will literally make your moments of togetherness worthwhile and also guarantee a most pleasant experience. Its multiple spots of attraction make it a favorite amongst tourists and visitors from countries afar. Try taking family walks and also climb to the top of the mountains. Zahmer Kaiser only maintains to look effortless, but it is quite daunting and assures that you wouldn’t return without experiencing a true mountain adventure.



The Zahmer Kaiser Ski Resort is completely apt and convenient for families along with their children as well as couples and friends. It has a mini club where kids of 3 years are totally managed and taken cared of. The children’s area Kaiserwindl and Kikis Adventure Land offers with everything a child always dreams of. Also, it is quite easy for parents to have a clear overview of the surrounding mountains and valleys as they relax and rewind amidst this beautiful scenery.

Don’t you find Zahmer Kaiser Mountains the perfect place for your vacations this time? Having three airports with 2 hours drive nearby makes ski weekends, snowboard and short ski holidays to Zahmer Kaiser the perfect and feasible location for everyone. Are you ready for your families to come and take a chill splash here at Kaiser having an amazing and Beautiful experience of life living here at Kaiser resort?

So pack up and hurry because I am sure that a trip into these mountains is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and exceeds all our expectations of a perfect holiday. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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