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Ski Under the Sun: Zettersfeld and Hochstein ski areas

Are you a true sports aficionado? Does the mention of the word skiing electrify you? Do you love observing nature and admiring snowfall, because it makes you feel close to Mother Earth?  Is skiing and other snow sports what you plan to do this winter instead of sitting back at home and sipping on coffee?

If the answer to any of this is a ‘yes’, the Zettersfeld and Hochstein ski areas will definitely top your ‘to-visit-list’ this winter. Fun is guaranteed for all, be it a culture connoisseur, nature lover, hobby historian, an ordinary tourist or an adrenaline junkie.  Literally a heaven in disguise, the place will leave you dumbfounded at Almighty’s stunning creations and make you feel closer to yourself.

Luckily, the two ski areas are generously blessed with warm sunshine and are the perfect escape to gloomy and dark winter days. And while the former is the ideal place for family outings, the latter is a battlefield for expert snowboarders and skiers. Both the places are easily accessible and the top favorite spot for all tourists. So pick the one you want and come on board!




Believe us when the say that the view up there is breathtaking and picturesque. The two exotic ski areas are located high up in the lofty mountains above Lienz in East Tyrol in Austria. Lienz is the largest town in East Tyrol and boasts of about 2,000 hours of sunshine every year. Lienz is also the cultural, economic and social center of East Tyrol.

The town with its attractions and Mediterranean flair is also a must visit, and is in fact frequented by many people each other, but what attracts people the most are the two ski resorts nestled above snugly in the mountains. Both the places are easily accessible, and you can reach them via a cable car.


Know the places better:

Zettersfeld:  Zettersfeld is a south facing resort and is the quintessential place for parents and their children, and also expert skiers and sports fanatics, who often flock together in the Sunsite Park.  The expansive network of pistes goes all the way up to 2,278 meters (7473.753 feet) above the sea level. The terraces outside the huts are breezy and summery and are no wonder the best place to witness the fabulous views outside. The place also boasts of a ski kindergarten as well as multiple off-piste skiing routes.

Hochstein: Just a few kilometers down the road, on the south-western edge of Lienz, is the resort of Hochstein. A regular host of FIS Ski World Cup Races, this resort is better suited to skiers of all levels: intermediate, advanced and experts. The network of pistes here is divided up into three sections. These three when combined, form one of the longest runs anywhere in Tyrol. One can enjoy magnificent views from the  Hochsteinhütte hut at the top of the resort.



Important facts and figures:

The skiing season starts from December 8, 2016, and lasts up to 2 April 2017 this year. The operating hours are 9:00 a.m to 5 p.m.

The altitude ranges from 668 metre to 2278 metre (2191 feet to 7473 feet)  and the piste area spreads over 200 hectares ,  with 37 kilometres or 22 miles  of pistes and 1.6 km ( about 1 mile) ski routes, of which 27%, ie. 10 km (6.2 miles ) are  easy; 59%, i.e.,.22 km (13.6 miles)  are of  intermediate level, and the remaining 14% or 5 km (3 miles) are difficult.

There are 12 lift and cable car facilities available in all (6 T-bar lifts, 4 chair lifts, 2 gondolas)

Extra amenities include a fun park, ski kindergarten, ski cross route and ski world cup route that is 1.5 kilometer ( about 1 mile) in length.

The two ski areas not only skillfully combine all the features mentioned above, but on a constructive level, they also have something else to offer. The unique combination of an 8-seater gondola and a 6-seater chairlift ensures a gala time for all: children as well as adults. Walk into the ‘sun lounge’ to get some rays and enjoy the apricity or simply sit back and witness the omnipresent panorama view of the Dolomites.



 Zettersfeld and Hochstein Statistics

Base Elevation: 668 m

Summit Elevation: 2278 m

Vertical Drop: 1610 m


1.Skiing in the sun:


Zettersfeld is one of the most stunning ‘sun terraces’ and has 6 lift facilities, which bring you up to an altitude of over 2278 meters, which is 7473.753 feet above sea level, where snow is guaranteed.

The place attracts and appeals not only to the experiences World Cup Racers, but also young skiers who ski out of sheer love for the sport. The skiing area features an outrageously long downhill track: from the top station at 1988 meters above sea level (6522 feet),  you can carve your way down right into town that is 668 meters above sea level (2191 feet).

Hochstein is the ideal skiing area for parents who want to enjoy some difficult slopes, while their children have fun in the slope area specially designed for them.


Walking, hiking, snowshoeing:

The Zettersfeld is probably the most beautiful sun-terrace in the Alps. With its unique, breathtaking sun lounges built off the beaten path and immersed in nature, they are every nature lover’s dream come true and let you unwind and relax.

Snowshoeing on Zettersfeld starts at the entrance to Schober Gruppe and lasts for about 4 hours.



The Lienz Dolomites offer all types of routes: from a challenging toboggan route to a family-friendly one or a somewhat leisurely toboggan outing.

‘Hochstein-Buchwaldweg’ and ‘Hochstein-Schlossberg’ routes are two interesting toboggan routes you must visit.

A year-round toboggan run at Lienz’s Hochstein by the name of Osttirodler has also begun lately. Since then quite a few tobogganers have been flying down this spectacular Alpine roller-coaster. You can toboggan down the 2.7 kilometers (1.7 miles) run from the Moosalm via Lienz’s Scholssberg right to the endpoint in the Hochstein Arena.



Must follow tips:


Toboggan only in the prescribed area.

Never use car tyres or plastic bags, as they may cause serious injury.

There should not be more than one person in a toboggan at any given point of time.

Always wear a helmet while skiing.

Do not toboggan or ski in areas near rocks and trees.

Anyone who has ever gone on a ski tour in the moonlight must have instantly discovered their second home in the hills and would crave to be back again. The locations are so exotic and wonderful that you will not be able to stop yourself from clicking endless pictures. You will carry a piece of this place along with you in your soul forever: that is how exhilarating an experience this is.

Winter fairytale, magical, breathtaking and the like, these are all very basic words to describe the thrill and rejuvenation that you will experience once you enter here. In fact, these words cannot really describe what awaits you during a winter holiday in the Lienz Dolomites. For that, you have to take into account the countless opportunities and special landscape features which this region offers and visit the place for yourself to see. Come spend a winter in the Lienz Dolomites: now doesn’t that sound promising?

Visit Zettersfeld Hochstein with your family and friends this winter and create the most amazing memories with them. You can truly enjoy every moment here and not think about anything else for a while. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your skiing gear and head out for this awesome ski resort with your dear ones and have a fun-filled winter vacation. Have fun!

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