Zillertal Arena-Austria

The Poetic Delight of Zillertal Arena


No poet has romanticized snow as well as Ralph Waldo Emerson.  His poem “The Snow Storm” is a wonderful example of both his literary prowess and the beauty of snowfall. This poem succinctly describes how the creative force of nature paints an awe-inspiring landscape after a snow storm. The snowstorm, like a master architect, constructs beautiful structures that thousands of years of human civilization have failed to achieve.

Emerson might have been far more inclined to write such beautiful poems on snow than most common people, but the peace and serenity snow represents can inspire poetry in the lesser mortals alike. The unmatched soothing effect of snow has been felt by most that have seen it. The sparkling blanket of snow on the rooftops, the crowning glory of ice on mountain peaks or the glittering white hat of snow on conifers is the ideal picture of tranquillity. Such tranquillity, such sceneries of nature at her purest form is bound to inspire poetry. No wonder then, that Ralph Waldo Emerson has penned such a beautiful poem on snow.

But if you want to be inspired by snow, if you too want to pen poems on Nature’s serenity or you just want to relax for a few days in the lap of Nature, there is an ideal place to be. Zillertal Arena is the perfect abode for all those who love snow.

What makes the Zillertal Arena more perfect is the fact that it has a lot to offer to those who want to be inspired as well as thrilled by snow, because if an adventurer comes here with the wish to indulge in snow sports Zillertal Arena can be their heaven.



The Location

The largest skiing area of the Zillertal valley is the skiing area called “Zillertal Arena”, and it begins from the village of Zell im Zillertal via Gerlos and extends up to Wald-Königsleiten and Krimml-Hochkrimml. The skiable area offers 52 lifts and 143 kilometers (88.85 miles) of slopes, where snowboarders and skiers find and enjoy a variety of goods for learners, first-timers, and pros. The adventurous skiing to an elevation of 2,500 meters and an almost absolute guarantee of snowfall ensure that customers and their families make the best of their vacation.

Zell am Ziller or the Zillertal Arena is located right in the middle of the Ziller Valley. The Munich, Innsbruck and Salzburg airports are all within a distance of one or two hours drive, depending on the route you select.

For those who are not going there by car, the Ziller Valley has an excellent train and bus service. The train station closest to the Zillertal arena is in Jenbach. From Jenbach, there are great and comfortable regular buses as well as the Ziller Valley railway to Zell am Ziller.


The Peace of Peaks


Zillertal Statistics

Base Elevation: 1205 m

Summit Elevation: 2500 m

Vertical Drop: 1250 m

Zell am Ziller is the premier entrance to the striking skiing ring of “Zillertal Arena”. 52 state-of-the-art lifts and 143 kilometers (88.85 miles) of slopes both scaled at an elevation of 1,300 meters (4265 ft) and 2,505 meters (8218  ft), fascinate and entice our guests from the first days of December every year until Easter. The mountains exhibit an unparalleled alpine flair.


The stunning little skiing area Gerlosstein, located just above the famous “Hamlet” of Hainzenberg, comes under the Zillertal Arena lift association. Due to its wonderful features, it is the perfect area for families to ski. It has a slope of 12.7 kilometers (7.89 miles); there are no overly crowded runs and very rarely does queuing take time.



A Serene Pocket

There are different ranges of tickets for adults, youths, and children. The ticket prices may also vary depending upon the various timings of skiing. For example, a day ticket for adults beginning from 8. 30 a.m. will cost around 50.50€, and for youth, it will cost 40.40€ whereas for kids it will cost around 22.70€. Day tickets from 1.30 a.m. will cost 27.70€, 22.20€ and 12.50€ for adults, youth, and children respectively.

There are also Zillertal Super Ski passes which are valid for 2 or more days. For example, a super ski pass for adults for four days will cost 174.00€ and 139.00€ for the youth and 78.50€ for kids.

At the same time, for seven days it is 274.50€, 219.50€ and 123.50€ for adults, youth, and children respectively. There are great refund options provided by the Zillertal Arena which ensures that even if you change your mind, you do not go too hard on your pocket.

Safe Thrills

At 4.30 pm, the closing hour, As soon as all the adventurers and skiers have left the slopes and skiing area the maintenance and grooming of the Zillertal Arena are initiated. A crew of 32 snow groomers is kept in operation throughout the darker hours, that is, the evening and night to ensure the safety of skiers and perfect conditions for the next day. In executing these operations, their team has to operate with derricks. It becomes absolutely essential therefore that all the tourists, skiers or otherwise abide by the operational hours of the skiing area.



A Moonlit Romance with Snow

Imagine a wonderful convivial dinner in the lap of a small yet very cosy mountain hut with a

postcard-worthy view right out of the window- a view of the rugged beauty of all the peaks silhouetted in snow against backdrop of the night sky and the powdered bliss of snow sparkling in the romantic light of the moon.

At the Zillertal Arena, ever year between the months of January and April 2017 there is a ritual of a “Moonlight Skiing & Dinner” on three evenings. Their event lets the tourists experience and rejoices in the unique ambiance of a traditional idyllic Tyrolean dinner in a small mountain restaurant which is followed by a night of magical skiing session down slopes glittering in the moonlight. The facility is subject to pre-booking, but it is an opportunity for all those who love a night out for they can discover for themselves whether the moon really does possess all the magical powers mystics claim it does. Who knows, it might just be your perfect date.

Fun At the Snow Park

Some of us are youngsters, and some of us will always be young at heart. For those who are either of the two, there is an opportunity to enjoy the never-ending fun and action that keeps the Zillertal Arena’s snow parks alive with laughter. Here, both snowboard enthusiasts and skiers will discover all that the freestyler‘s heart may desire.

There is a spectacular Bagjump, the Action-Park Kreuzwiese boasts, which along with many other such highlights, like a Snake Run complete with endless steep jumps and turns contributes to the charm of the snow parks. In addition to all these fun activities, the snowboarders and skiers at leisure can also enjoy themselves at the Snowpark in Gerlos situated just beside the Vorkogel lift. This snow park, like its other half, offers an unparalleled experience for all freestyle lovers. It is thus with good reason that the park has made to the top and become one of the centers for the freestyle lovers – complete with a lounge and relaxing area next to the park container and ready for a get together with a service station and an awesome sound system.

Emerson’s poetic genius have always awed and inspired his readers, often leading them to wonder where he got his inspiration from. Until very recently, his critics discovered the source of inspiration: nature. If nature is what your soul is looking for, if nature is what inspires you much like the great Poet, there is no greater place than a Zillertal arena for you to be in. It is true of course that no Zillertal arena existed when Emerson wrote poetry, but it is also true that Zillertal arena would have inspired Emerson if it had existed.

With so many things on offer, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags and head out for this amazing ski resort with your near and dear ones and have an action-packed holiday this winter. Have fun!

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