Zillertal Rastkogel Eggalm-Austria

Zillertal Rastkogel Eggalm: Emotions in White


A breathtaking picturesque winter landscape, powder-like pure and untainted white snow all around and perfectly groomed slopes; if this does not dazzle you, what else will?

If skiing on gorgeous white mountains with a panoramic view of majestic mountains on all sides and sumptuous food awaiting you does not please you, what else can?

Pure enjoyment and sheer pleasure await your arrival at the Mayrhofen ski resort. There is an exclusive kind of experience for every winter sports devotee that visits the place, and we guarantee that you are sure to create a personalized, adventurous and adrenaline packed story for yourself as well, the moment you set your feet on the crisp snow here! So get ready to create unforgettable memories that you will probably be narrating for the rest of your life!




Zillertal Rastkogel Statistics

Base Elevation: 630 m

Summit Elevation: 2500 m

Vertical Drop: 1870 m

The ski resort Mayrhofen – Penken/Ahorn/Rastkogel/Eggalm is located in the Mayrhofen -Hippach Holiday Region (Tyrol, Austria) and in Tux-Finkenberg, at the head of the Zillertal Valley.

This ski resort stretches across a number of different mountains. The major action takes place at Penken, while Ahorn is reputed for its enjoyable skiing experience. The Rastkogel and the Eggalm constitute the rest of the winter sports area and are an equally fun place to be at.

The ski resort is fully-equipped and offers the right kinds of slopes: for both beginners as well as professionals. The ski resort also boasts of various specialized areas of children and sporty carving slopes in addition to the steep advanced slopes. The freeride terrain and the Vans Penkenpark for freestylers are every man’s dream come true. The resort has literally left no stone unturned when it comes to pleasing their tourists. Well, hold on, there is more in store!

The resort is home to a myriad of huts and eating joints, with pretty little sun terraces, which serve lip-smacking food and refreshments.

Ski lifts at the resort:


The place has 44 lifts in all(which comprises of 2 aerial tramways,6 gondola lifts, 1 combined installation-gondola and chair, 17 chairlifts, 12 T-bar lifts as well as  6 beginner lifts) with a total capacity of 81232 passengers per hour.

The modern gondola lifts and the up-to-date 3-S Penken lift are used to bring skiers and snowboarders up to the ski resort, where up-to-the-minute high-speed chairlifts await the guests eagerly to offer them a ride. The Penken combined lift exhibits a latest worldwide innovation. It has2 lift stations: 10-person gondolas and 8-person chairlifts, on a single rope with separate lift stations. This means that tourists can choose between a fast boarding with attached equipment or a comfortable journey with the gondola.




Located at an altitude of 630 metres to 2500 metres (2066 feet to 8202 feet),the place has a total of 136 kilometres ( 84 miles) of ski slopes, with 40 kilometres (about 25 miles) of slopes for beginners, 66 kilometres or 41 miles for those at the intermediate level, and the remaining for the experienced sportsman, which means that the place is a complete package and that there is something for all. There also is an additional ski route 10 km (6.2 miles) long.

The slopes on the Penken, Eggalm, and Rastkogel, are directly connected to each other.

There are 286 snow cannons, and 95 % of the slopes have their own snow-making capabilities.

Valley run is also available at the resort. There is only a valley run to Mayrhofen from the Ahorn. You will have to take the 3S gondola back down to the valley from Penken on your way back.

There is also a snow park/fun park that kids especially enjoy and love to be in, while their parents can spend some quality time together.


Major innovations introduced by the resort make sure that the place is at par with others, and offers a memorable and delightful vacation for all its visitors.


1.New Penkenbahn 3S

Guests are taken up to the lofty mountaintop in a high-tech cable car right from the heart of the resort. It offers its visitors the highest possible level of comfort and unfathomable freedom.

The Penkenbahn is much more than just a new cable car. It is far more faster, more comfortable and more economical than its predecessor model. It skillfully combines state-of-the-art technology with a pioneering mobility concept.


The Mayrhofen ski resort had introduced yet another new attraction for the 2014/2015 winter season: the FunslopeAhorn. It was divided into three distinct areas, and aimed at providing fun and challenges for all winter sports enthusiasts: be it young children or adults, skier or snowboarder, a beginner or a pro. Wave runs steep turns, high and low fives: the place has it all.

3.Winter pleasure at the Zillertal 3000 Ski and Glacier World

The Zillertal 3000 Ski and Glacier World is truly a remarkable ski area which has 62 modern lift facilities spread across five ski areas and covering 196 kilometers (121 miles) of the slope.

Apiste tour from Penkenjoch-Finkenberg via the Rastkogel ski area to the Eggalm is highly recommended for all. The Hintertux Glacier! Anyone is for anyone who wishes to challenge himself and complete an entire glacier circuit will have to conquer 15,000 meters (49212 feet) in altitude and 60 downhill kilometers( 37 miles), and that too in a single day. The artificially picturesque, snow-covered runs down the hill to Tux-Vorderlanersbach, Tux-Lanersbach and Hintertux are a truly a delight for every winter sports lover!



Operating times:

The general season when the resort functions are usually from early December to mid-April.

For the current season, the resort is open from 26 November 2016 to 23 April 2017, the operating hours being 8:00 to 16:30.

100% snow assurance can be given without a guilty conscience because the high altitude ensures masses of snow all year round!

Ski pass prices:

The prices for ski passes for a single day in the peak season range from € 51 for adults to € 41 for the youth and € 23 for children.

Do bear in mind that the opening times may vary based on external conditions, such as school holidays, public holidays and days of the week.

With some research, you can manage to find great ski packages for the ski resort, avail attractive offers including ski passes, up to 100% discount for children and much You can also book some extras such as ski rental, ski courses, insurance, etc.

More often than not, people fail to realize the importance of including sports in their vacations, and as for that matter, even in their daily lives. Indulging in such sports not only adds to the fun element of your trip but also keeps you young, fit and active. And again, the joy and pleasure that skiing brings is unmatched and cannot be even described in words. As Warren Miller rightly pointed out, “What would you be doing with your life is skiing had not been invented?”

Well, we are certainly grateful that such a marvelous sport does exist!

So hurry, pack your bags and get ready to be transformed into a world of endless fun, memories, and possibilities. Prepare to untangle your messed up soul and meet the inner, childlike side of yourself. Get ready to paint your emotions in white!

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