Ski Resort Zuckerfeld:


Small ski resorts of often charge a small amount of money whereas the resorts which are bigger than their counterparts are known to charge more. But what if we tell you that we have a resort which is good in terms of the size and charges very generously for its services? Yes, this is possible and we are here with the same recommendation. We present you Ski Resort Zuckerfeld! Before you ask anything else, we will do you a favor and begin the introduction by ourselves.


Zuckerfeld Statistics

Base Elevation: 600 m

Summit Elevation: 900 m

Vertical Drop: 300 m

Where is Ski Resort Zuckerfeld located?

Ski Resort Zuckerfeld is situated in the County of Fluda, Hesse, Germany. It is a small place but undoubtedly, a beautiful one with a serene ambience. And during December, the beauty of the nature is at its best. Though there are 4 airports located near to the resort, the nearest one we will recommend to you is Fritzlar Airport and it is located at a distance of approximately 86 kilometers (53 miles) from the resort. Hence, a car drive of around an hour from Fritzlar Airport will take you to your destination.

Mountain and Slope Statistics:


The area for winter sports is located at an elevation of 720 meters at the base and goes up to 810 meters at the summit. This clearly means that you get a vertical drop of 90 meters. The ski slope here is a well-groomed one with a length of approximately 5 kilometers. The slope sports 2 different levels which are well suited for beginners as well as intermediate to professional level skiers. The portion of the slope on the easier side is around 3 kilometers in length and comprises almost 60 percent of the slope. It is a good slope if you are in the initial days of your learning. The next 2 kilometer is a slope that is good for high level skiers as they are always looking for more thrill and adrenaline rush. There are 4 runs in total and the longest run accounts to a distance of 2 kilometers.


Lifts, Timing and Ticket Prices:



Because of being a smaller resort, Ski Resort Zuckerfeld fancies a single lift. The lift is a T-Bar/Platter lift and is capable enough of carrying up to 1000 passengers per hour.


Ski Resort Zuckerfeld, like most of its counterparts, opens its gates for the visitor early in the month of December and the activities come to an end when they approach the end of March. Timings are a big plus point as they open at 9AM and say goodbye to the visitors by 10PM which is a time period of 11 hours. The slopes are equipped with flood lights, hence giving you a much better experience during the evening hours. But, the timings can vary depending on the weather conditions. They have good snow machines which give you a snow depth of around 20 centimeters throughout the season.


Talking about the tickets, they offer you entries for a whole day at very pocket-friendly prices. For adults, the price of a single day pass is only 15 Euros. On the other hand, children have to pay an amount of just 12 Euros for one complete day of fun activities.


In addition to all the details above, there is a facility which can help you hone your skills as well. They have a ski school as well as a snowboarding school, so no need to worry if you are just starting to ski or snowboard. Ski Resort Zuckerfeld is a proud resort that mentions a friendly attitude towards children and senior citizen, so this is surely a plus point. The resort also fancies a ski and snowboard rental shop where you can always rent the equipments you need at a very nominal cost.


We have shown you the way now. It is up to you how quickly you get to Ski Resort Zuckerfeld as the fun lies on the other side.

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