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We have said enough about the small resorts. Now you need to know the big fishes. And one of the biggest fish in the ocean is Ski Resort Zugspitze. We know you have a million questions in your mind regarding the resort, but worry no more as we are here to assist you in every possible way. Let the journey begin.


Zugspitze Statistics

Base Elevation: 4019 ft

Summit Elevation: 9718 ft

Vertical Drop: 5699 ft

Where is Ski Resort Zugspitze Located and How to Reach There?

Ski Resort Zugspitze is located in the splendid city of Zugspitzland, Upper Bavaria in Germany. The scenic beauty is something that cannot be described in words. You have to see it for yourself. Now you must be craving to reach there as soon as possible. Let us guide you then.


There are multiple ways in which you can reach the resort. The nearest airports are Innsbruck Airport in Austria and Munich Airport in Germany. Innsbruck is approximately 70 kilometers from the resort and it takes only an hour to reach there by road. Munich Airport, on the other hand, is 146 kilometers away from the resort and it almost takes 2 hours drive to get there.


A good thing is that the train is also available to reach the resort. You can board your ride from Garmisch-Partenkirchen Station and it will take approximately 75 minutes to get you to your destination.


Statistics of the Slope:



For Ski Resort Zugspitze, the range of elevation is astonishing. The base of the slope is located at 2000 meters and the summit is high on top at a whopping 2720 meters. This means that there is an exciting vertical drop of 720 meters.


The total length of the ski slope is 20 kilometers which is a huge number in itself. Ski Resort Zugspitze fancies itself as a resort which is the home of amateur as well as professional skiers. The ski slope is divided in to two parts based on the difficulty level. The section of the slope where difficulty level is on the easier side has a length of around 7 kilometers and is a good patch where beginners can get some hands on experience. Talking about the path where the level of difficulty is higher, it accounts to a huge length of 13 kilometers where professional skiers can show off their picture perfect skills. Due to the level of difficulty of this slope provided by this resort, visitors love to visit this place often.

Some facts you should know:


Ski Resort Zugspitze is located on the highest mountain in Germany, i.e. Zugspitze which is approximately 3000 meters high. Guaranteed snow and a spectacular view, do we need to say more?

Ski Resort Zugspitze is located on the largest glacier present in Germany, i.e. Schneeferner.


Season, Tickets and Timings:



The season is something to talk about! Generally, the winter sport season in Germany lasts for 99 days. But this is not the case here at Ski Resort Zugspitze. Depending on the snow conditions, the season usually starts from November end and ends in, wait for it, Early May! Now this is what we call awesome!


Usually most of the other resorts in Germany shut down by the end of March but here, the fun continues till the month of May.  When operating, the resort opens its doors for the visitors at 8AM and bids farewell for the day at 4:45PM which gives the customers around 9 hours which is more than what they get in other resorts.


It is a huge distance from the base to the summit and we need transportation, right? No need to worry about that too as the resort got your back on this one. There are 10 lifts in total that will carry you all the way up to the summit. Firstly, there is a cog railway which can carry up to 1200 people in a single go and cover 19 kilometers with ease. Then, there are three Aerial Ropeways, 2 of which are capable of carrying 1000 persons each per hour and the third one can carry 45 persons at a time, 750 customers per hour. There are 4 T-Bar lifts as well which can carry up to 1000 person each per hour. In addition to that, there are two chair lifts as well and they can carry 2800 and 2200 persons per hour respectively.


Now talking about the ticket, a resort so big and equipped with facilities, you think it will charge you a lot of money. But this is not the truth. Considering how massive this place is, they charge you very generously. Adults, Youth and Children have to pay 44.50 Euros, 35.50 Euros and 23.50 Euros respectively for a single day of fun.


After knowing this much, we should say that the time to think is over and you should get back to the action now. We wish you a happy skiing trip!

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