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The arrival of winter brings happiness and joy all around the world. It is the seasons of winter that gives us the joy of Christmas and lets us welcome a New Year. And obviously, how can we forget the winter sport enthusiasts? Winter is the most awaited season for them as they wait for it all year long and when it comes, they are all set to ski and skate in the beautiful snow. And there is no place better than Germany. Today, we will guide you to another good resort in Germany. And the name is Ski Resort Zwiesel. Let us get to the details.



Zwiesel statistics

Base Elevation: 1870 ft

Summit Elevation: 2461 ft

Vertical Drop: 591 ft

Ski Resort Zwiesel is a beautiful ski resort located in Arberland, Bavaria and let me tell you one thing; the beauty of this city is breathtaking. It is a small resort but it is a very nice one if you are planning to have a quiet outing with your family or friends and even your loved one.


The airports nearest to the resort are Munich and Nuernberg.  From Munich Airport, it will take you around 2 hours to drive to the resort by means of a Car as the distance to be covered is 165 kilometer (). As for Nuernberg Airport, it is a bit farther at a distance of approximately 226 kilometers () from the resort and the drive time will be slightly higher at 2 hour 30 minutes.


The Mountain and Ski Slope Statistics:



Ski Resort Zwiesel has a fair elevation that ranges 710 meters to 850 meters from base to summit. The length of the ski slope is relatively small and is about 0.4 kilometers. The vertical drop from the top to the bottom is 140 meters, i.e. 460 feet which is a fair number. The ski slope is much suited for the beginners as they get to practice their skills on a 400 meters slope. Also, the intermediate level skiers can enjoy the slope as well. On Thursdays, the slopes are floodlit which makes them best option for night skiing.


Perfect Season to visit and Timings:


As we know winters are at their best in Germany from December to March, the resort opens in the same slot as well. They open up somewhere around late December and close the sporting activities near to mid March. Opening timings are a bit late as they open entries at 2PM and close them at 4PM, so the duration is a tad shorter. But Thursdays can be a delight as their place is floodlit and they sport Night Skiing on that day.


Ticket Cost and Availability of Ski Lifts:



Being a small resort, they fancy only a single lift. The lift is a T-Bar in nature and is capable enough of carrying approximately 1000 people from the base to the summit in the duration of an hour.


Talking about the ticket prices, the cost is very nominal and less than others as they just open up for 2 hours. During weekdays, adults have to pay just 15 Euros and kids have to spend 9 Euros from their pockets. You can also avail for a half day pass which will cost 5 Euros for a kid and 8 Euros for an adult.


In addition to the above points, we would like to lay emphasis on fact that Ski Resort Zwiesel is a children and senior citizen friendly place. There is a ski school as well, so if you want to hone your skiing skills, they would be more than happy to help you out. Also, there is a ski and snowboard rental shop as well, so you can rent the equipments and sports gear from them.


If you found the article interesting, we are sure you are going to love Ski Resort Zwiesel.

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